Each year, The Family holds the Gathering of the Tribes, a totally free, non-commercial sharing of our lives and sacred hearts in the Cathedral of Nature.

There is no authoritarian hierarchy here. We have tribal anarchy where we take care of each other because we recognize that we are all One. The Gathering works because each of us takes responsibility for doing what needs to be done, and for teaching others.

Part of that responsibility is a pledge we keep to each other:

  • We pledge to walk lightly on the earth
  • We pledge to respect and care for each other and for all living things.
  • We pledge to drop all forms of violence in our dealings with each other.
  • We pledge to deal with each other upfront and with open hearts.

Much goes into coordinating a Gathering, and much has been learned by us collectively about how to make the Gathering happy and healthy.

This Mini-Manual continues to evolve, gathering our wisdom into one place for new and old gatherers alike.